Susan is Making a Difference for Us

Susan Is Making Berkeley Safer and Preparing Us for Future Emergencies

  • Wildfire safety prevention, preparedness, and safe evacuation are Susan’s top priorities.
  • Susan secured more than $1 million for vegetation management and is working with neighboring jurisdictions to create a regional wildfire safety board.
  • Working to protect fire insurance in high hazard fire areas.
  • Championed undergrounding of utility wires.
  • Authored legislation requiring the safe storage of firearms in Berkeley.
  • Doubled the budget allocation for traffic calming and instituted 15 MPH zones near schools.
  • Fighting to stop Alta Bates from closing their ER in Berkeley.

Susan Supports Building New Housing So We Can All Live In Berkeley

  • Has approved thousands of needed units of housing on transit corridors during her 12 years on the Council.
  • Advocates for new housing for teachers, nurses, and other City employees.
  • Voted for a 20 percent inclusionary housing requirement in new construction to provide affordable housing for low-income and working families.
  • Created an innovative amnesty program for unpermitted second units, providing the potential for thousands of new affordable living units.

Susan Is Helping Berkeley Respond to COVID-19

  • Worked to help raise more than $4 million for the Berkeley Relief Fund, which is supporting our small businesses and low-income tenants during the pandemic.
  • Advocated that the City conduct regular and repeated testing in nursing homes.
  • Pushed to increase testing capacity for everyone, symptomatic and asymptomatic.
  • Taking the lead to ensure UC Berkeley creates a plan that protects the community when the campus reopens.
  • Through her newsletters, consistently delivered accurate educational and scientific information on COVID-19 to our community.
  • Working on a Recovery Plan for Berkeley, so that we can be resilient and begin to restore our economic base.

Susan Is Fighting to End the Moral Crisis of Homelessness

  • Supported the creation of the HUB, a coordinated system of services, resulting in more people being enrolled in comprehensive care.
  • Championed the City’s Housing First Strategy, which prioritizes housing as the number one solution to breaking the cycle of homelessness.
  • Supported the Pathways program, which has successfully moved people off the streets into permanent housing.
Susan and Nancy Skinner

Susan in the community, with former D6 Councilmember Betty Olds, and with State Senator Nancy Skinner.

Susan Is Creating a Greener and More Sustainable Berkeley

  • Susan led the vote to ban plastic bags throughout Alameda County.
  • Spearheaded the transition to LED lighting in Berkeley.
  • Launched a program for electric vehicle charging in the Public Right of Way to serve those without off-street charging access.
  • Supported the Single Use Foodware and Litter Reduction Ordinance to reduce plastic pollution.

Susan Advocates for Opportunities for Our Youth

  • Supports our Berkeley Schools Excellence Program; reducing class sizes, improving professional development, and library resources.
  • Worked to pass Berkeley’s Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax, promoting health and education programs for our youth.
  • Supported Measure T1 to improve our playgrounds, senior centers, and recreational facilities.

Susan Is Helping Small Businesses Thrive and Create Good-Paying Jobs

  • Advocated for a streamlined permit process for small businesses to simplify the process.
  • Supported the minimum wage schedule, helping to boost our lowest wage earners.
  • Works closely with the business improvement districts and the Chamber to support the needs of local businesses.

Susan Is a Leader on Good Government

  • Susan fights for increased transparency and accessibility in all areas of City government.
  • Hosts frequent town halls to ensure residents are informed and have greater access to government.
  • Established a UC Student Relations Council to improve communications between the City of Berkeley and Cal students.
  • Started Berkeley Considers, an online forum where residents can provide input.
  • Improved online access to service requests, records, and public meetings, to increase transparency and streamline government.

We’ve made progress together these last 12 years. Now, we’re facing unprecedented crises. My long tenure as a public servant has prepared me to manage these challenges and help lead us to a better Berkeley. Please join us.“


Susan Is a Champion for a Fiscally Responsible City

  • Championed the formation of a Stability Reserve and Catastrophic Reserve Fund for emergencies and downturns.
  • Balanced the budget despite a $40 million deficit, with no layoffs.
  • Established a new Pension Trust Fund to help pay down unfunded pension liabilities.
  • Demanded a more transparent budget process.

Susan Is a Champion for Berkeley’s Incredible Arts and Culture

  • Susan secured new resources for arts and culture programs like the UC Theater, KALA, and the Civic Arts Grants Program.
  • Helped ensure a fee paid by developers for new construction in Berkeley goes toward funding public art.
  • As a board member for the Berkeley Film Foundation, Susan works to support our local filmmakers in Berkeley.

Susan Has Improved Our Infrastructure, Parks, Pathways, and Streets

  • Secured funding to maintain and improve our parks and recreation facilities.
  • Advocating for a new ferry terminal and ferry service to SF.
  • Susan advocated for street and sidewalk repair as essential core services.
  • Secured resources for the continued maintenance and repair of our city’s pathway network.
  • Advocated strongly for the adaptive re-use of buildings in Berkeley, such as Hillside School, Old City Hall, and the Veterans Building, and for renovating our Senior Centers.