Berkeley Firefighters Association Endorses Susan Wengraf


Monday, October 19, 2020

Dear Neighbor,

After carefully examining the records and leadership qualities of the two candidates running for Berkeley City Council District 6, our choice is clear.

The Berkeley Fire Fighters Association strongly urges you to re-elect Susan Wengraf to the City Council for another four-year term.

Councilmember Wengraf is the only candidate with the experience needed to deal with the difficult decisions regarding essential public safety services in our community. She is a champion for making our neighborhoods and our city safer. We, as firefighters and emergency responders, trust her as a responsible and proven leader on fire preparedness and disaster response.

She is working with neighboring jurisdictions to cooperate regionally on the threat of wildfire. That is why she is endorsed by these county and state elected leaders:  Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, Senator Nancy Skinner, and Supervisor Keith Carson. They agree with us that Susan is your best choice!

Susan has:

  • Helped drive Measure FF to the ballot, and was a leading architect of the language in the measure that provides wildfire preparedness and mitigation.
  • Successfully educated the full Berkeley City Council on why wildfire is a threat to the entire City, not just the hills. She has received unanimous support from the City Council to declare wildfire safety and prevention a top priority.
  • Initiated a task force to study undergrounding of utility wires to create safe evacuation routes in the entire city.
  • Spearheaded the Safe Passages pilot to allow for emergency access and egress.
  • Planned and hosted thousands of Berkeley residents in town hall meetings on Wildfire Preparedness and Prevention.
  • Secured more than $1.2 million dollars (pre-COVID) for vegetation removal in City parks and properties in the High Hazard Fire Zone.
  • Organized volunteer citizen patrols to monitor hydrant markers, hydrant accessibility, and identify pinch points where parking needs to be restricted to allow safe passage of emergency vehicles.
  • Through her newsletter, she has provided ongoing disaster preparation and fire safety information and education to thousands of District 6 constituents.
  • Initiated action for Alta Bates Hospital to remain in Berkeley, working with the Mayor and other Councilmembers
  • Supported all of the City's efforts to prepare neighborhoods for disaster like the cache program and CERT program
  • Advocated for an Emergency Operations Plan
  • Introduced a resolution to have all jurisdictions near Grizzly Peak lookouts work together to mitigate the threats of fire danger. As a result, the lookouts have been closed. Susan is continuing to advocate for Grizzly to be closed during fire season.

Councilmember Susan Wengraf's accomplishments and commitment to public safety, and especially to fire safety, are unparalleled in Berkeley. We need her re-elected to the Berkeley City Council so that she can continue to collaborate with us in fulfilling our shared mission to keep residents informed and safe.

Colin Arnold
Berkeley Firefighters Association
1931 Shattuck Avenue, Suite B
Berkeley ⬩ California ⬩ 94704