The Safety of the Community Is My Highest Priority! 

  • *Continue strong support for a robust COVID-19 response
  • *Lead on wildfire prevention, preparedness, and recovery
  • *Supporting the evacuation planning work being done by our Fire Department
  • *Work towards a regional structure for wildfire education and mitigation strategies
  • *Increase police patrols and improve lighting in the hills to deter crime
  • *Create safer streets for pedestrians and bicyclists and ensure traffic speeding laws are enforced
  • *Fight to keep Alta Bates Hospital Emergency Room in Berkeley open

A COVID-19 Recovery that Leaves Nobody Behind

  • *Helping businesses to recover and re-open
  • *Protecting tenants from eviction
  • *Working to open schools safely

Delivery of Basic Services

  • *Improving the conditions of our streets
  • *Increasing street lighting
  • *Ensuring cleanliness on our commercial avenues
  • *Keeping our parks and playgrounds safe for our children

Fighting Climate Change in Berkeley

  • *Focus on preparing for and preventing the wildfires that have become more frequent and destructive as a result of climate change
  • *Building housing near public transit
  • *Supporting expanded public transit to the hills
  • *Encouraging electric vehicle usage and further developing electric vehicle infrastructure
  • *Expanding solar on municipal and school building roofs
  • *Supporting electrification in new construction

Leading on Social Justice

  • *De-escalation training for our police
  • *Diversity training so our Police reflect our community values
  • *Reallocating resources so a mental health or social services professional instead of an officer with a gun can respond to  calls relating to homelessness or mental health crises
  • *Re-examining zoning and land-use regulations through an equity lens

"I chair the Public Safety Policy Committee, where I am working with my colleagues to create a new model for community safety. We must seize this moment to ensure that communities of color feel safe and valued here in Berkeley. There is absolutely no place in Berkeley for inequity, discrimination or hate."

-Susan Wengraf